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FARADrp co.

FARADrp co. is a leading company in Consulting, executive & services in tendency of Information Technology. Since established in 1993, in Isfahan, IRAN, FARADrp has been acknowledged its expertise and capabilities with over thousands of successful projects in a wide range of executing CCTV system, offering and implementation of storage solutions of high scale CCTV projects.

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Contemporary Aims

• Unconditionally Support
• High Quality Presentation
• Needs Assessments
• Flexibility

Future Perspective

• Research & Development
• Innovation
• Fundamentalism
• Consolidation

Basis & Background

• Human Resources Expertise
• Employee Engagement
• Customer Orientation
• Loyalty

The Company Mission

FARADrp is a commercial / services company (since 1993) in tendency of computer and information technology. Our major mission is offering our customers the best services and high quality products and after-sales services along with absolute support of our services and products according to customers `demand. Our main investment in this business is knowledge, expertise and human resources` commitment. In this regard planning and proceeding is the primary goal of this company in order to human resources` sublimity and progress.

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